The term Model Yachting is based on the heritage and traditions of the sport which go back over 200 years. The yachts we sail at EDMYC are designed and built for racing, with radio control, however, before the advent of radio control the yachts were free sailed with mechanical steering gear.

There are essentially two styles of yacht classes, namely, Development Class yachts and One Design Class yachts.

Development Class yachts are designed to a set of rules which usually impose limitations in waterline length, displacement, and sail area. There may also be restrictions in the use of exotic or expensive construction materials.

The International One Metre is a development class which allows varying hull, fin and rudder designs with strictly controlled sailplan outlines and spar materials for all three rigs.

Other examples of Development Class racing yachts are the International Radio A Class, 10 Rater, Marblehead, R36R, Radio 6 Metre and the RG65.

 One Design Class yachts are built to a given hull and sailplan design that is the same for all yachts registered within the class. Components to replace those broken or lost come from the manufacturer or their appointed distributors. The benefit of this type of rule is that costs can be controlled, thus creating an even and very competitive class to race in. Extra speed cannot be bought, it has to be derived from individual skill in tuning and racing.

 One Design yachts currently sailed at EDMYC are the DragonForce 65 and the DragonFlite 95.