Eastbourne and District Model Yacht Club has sailed at Princes Park, Eastbourne, since the purpose built model yachting lake was opened in the 1920’s. The club has been witness to the evolution of Model Yachting from the early days of vane sailing through to modern day radio control yacht racing.

Classes of yacht currently adopted and raced by the club are the International One Metre (IOM), the DragonForce 65 and the DragonFlight 95. The club is recognized as one of the foremost radio yacht racing clubs in the UK, having hosted events at regional, national and international level.

The club has members who have been national representatives at world championship level in a number of international classes. One member has won a world championship in the International One Metre class, whilst other titles earned by club members include a National Champion, and World Championship runner up in the International Radio A class, and a top ten finish also in the International One Metre class.

Historically, before the advent of radio sailing, the club was very active in free sailing vane steered yachts in the Marblehead, A Class and 10 Rater.

Our sailing water benefits from a hard paved edge allowing all round access. The lake is fed by fresh water, and the level maintained by a sluice gate at the seaward end. Depending on the state of the tide the lake can also fill with sea water, so water quality is brackish and it is recommended that yachts are washed off with fresh water after use.

The lake is home to some 30 swans, a variety of gulls and numerous other forms of wildlife.

The club is affiliated to the Model Yachting Association of the United Kingdom.