Model Yachting Association (MYA) The national governing body for radio sailing yachts and contacts in the UK. The Model Yachting Association supports all clubs and skippers in the UK.

MYA Met and Southern The organising body for our local area is known as ‘Met & Southern’ and covers as the title suggests the district comprising the London area, the South and South East of England.

IOM Class Association (IOMICA) All the latest information and guidance on matters relating to the International One Metre class.

Laser Association (UKRCLA) This site is devoted to all those interested in radio controlled Laser dinghy racing and sailing whether owners or prospective owners.

DragonForce65 Class Association  This association represents our newest club class. It is an inexpensive, one design radio yacht, which, for it’s size performs very well, and is an ideal introduction for newcomers to the sport. The strict one-design rules keep costs down, whilst fitting in with the RG 65 development class rule, which also means the yacht can participate in wider competition against other RG65 designs if desired, as well as racing as a one design class.

DragonForce65 Facebook Group Up to date chat and information on the DF65 class.

Eastbourne Links:-

Eastbourne local Accommodation, leisure facilities & town information

Princes Park More information on our local sailing lake

 Detailed 24 hour weather forecast for Eastbourne